Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston

Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Message for Britney

Knock if off!!! You are better than this crap! If you must fall apart, do it behind closed doors. My advice is continuing with the joint custody agreement already in place as apposed to going forward with the custody battle. Let K-Fed take by way of non-court ordered and as agreed by both of you primary custody of the boys just for now so that you get yourself together or get this wild rebellion going on out of your system once and for all.

Take care of your health. A ZEN and Holistic Healing including Yoga approach would be a spiritually cleansing way forward for you. Calm things right down until you survive the newly filed charges against you and take this time to really regroup and get some direction.

As for the VMA Awards backlash, ALL TO HELL WITH ALL OF THE CRITICS. They have not sold…is it 100 million records, firstly. Second, I personally think the song ROCKS! The performance while not your best will more than rock too the next crack at it on stage you get!

Keep it together! Ultimately, what is going on within you is between you and your God! But, just remember the two gorgeous boys of yours need their strong and in control mother forever! They should be the only two whose opinions really matter to you. At the end of the day, you need to strive daily to have and make them proud of you.

After all, it is not like you plucked them from an 3rd world country orphanage to trap BRAD PITT! Especially, after failing to land him on your film shoot together. You actually carried them within you for nine months and they are legally and legitimately yours.

Your legacy should not be determined by your career merely from here on out, but more personally for how well you present yourself a fit and sound example to your boys. If anyone can pull themselves together, it is you. Be strong… as a woman is only as good as her honor and her strength at the end of the day and no one can take that away. So, hang in there the storm will pass. Oh yeah, and Congrats on the divorce!

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