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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Paris Hilton honored by Harvard

Congratulations to PARIS HILTON for her top honor bestowed upon her by Harvard.

Paris Hilton is to receive an award at Harvard. Harvard Lampoon, the university’s comedy magazine, is honoring the hotel heiress socialite with its “Woman of the Year” award. Hilton who happens to have an upcoming movie released called, “The Hottie & The Nottie,” due out on Feb. 8 had been renown for some of her less finest moments over the recent years. Last year was especially notably so when she became a temporary resident of the Los Angeles jailhouse.

She has since left behind the days of celebrity media attention seeking and flaunting herself excessive in the media while many of her much older counterparts sadly have yet to give up the look at me(us) and publicity seeking ploys.

Hilton is expected to be on the Harvard campus on Feb. 6 to accept the award and speak publicly to the university’s student body, according to a news release from Regent Releasing in which the article also refers to Hilton as one of the “perfect 10 ” woman around. Hilton in place of her former infamous public antics and tabloid bound lifestyle instead has successfully focused her time on being a private and genuine person.

Her “merchandising machine” as it is known has truly caused her to stand for something more than just being previously satisfied with seeking her celebrity status. We at Excalibur-one salute Paris and find her a greater example of turning ones life around for the better. Not to mention a more worth while person than some of the scandalous celebrity so called “do” gooders out their in planet Hollywood. Best wishes from Excalibur-one!

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