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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Friday, February 1, 2008

Clooney latest role as UN peace messenger

Playing the Hollywood golden or power couple game is not George's style. Rising up and being one of the counted and notable souls with genuine invested interest is his impeccable style. And, what we at Excalibur-one love most of all about George Clooney. Whatever he puts his name or involvement to always comes from a place of authenticity, truth, sincerity and honorable intentions.

To all who sadly play the Hollywood game and get no "OSCAR' nods or Golden Globe wins let George Clooney be your example of what real humanity look like. Real humanity is genuinely caring about humanity and not the next media front cover photo op and featuring storyline about the day and a life of a tawdry personal life or stolen from another affair.

For the past three years, George Clooney has raised his game to impressive heights. The career praise and honors awarded him is testament to that and more. He continues to be still the man of the hour. Here's hoping he will be in receipt of yet another deserving Oscar win for his esteemed role and portrayal of a man uncompromised in Michael Clayton. Best wishes and congratulations for the latest role as UN peace messenger.

To take a look at George Clooney's award worthy role in Michael Clayton and check your local listing for a theatre near as this film is also back in theatres for nationwide release.

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