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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Monday, February 11, 2008

A battle of love for Anna Mae

The six year battle for a little girl caught between two families and two different cultures has its happy ending for the biological parents of nine year old Anna Mae He. The nine years old girl was raised by an American couple in Tennessee shortly after she was born in the United States to Chinese parents Jack and Casey He. At that time the young Chinese couple had recently come to the United States when Jack was set to pursue a doctorate at the University of Memphis, in Tennessee.

After years of being discriminated against due to their foreign origins and economic lack of standing the He family had the break through they so hoped for but were denied for so many year before. The tides of good fortune recently returned in favor of Anna Mae's Chinese birth parents after the Tennessee Supreme Court decision ruled for the child to be returned to her birth parents sighting that the parents were coerce into giving up their child and therefore the adoption would not stand. The elated re-united family have since arrived in Beijing with Anna Mae.

This battle for the child rose to that of international attention with two families torn apart. The matter of adopting foreign children is an awesome legal undertaking that is so often measured by American economic wealth verse the poverty of the foreign child's background or biological family when neither of these factors should ever dictate who is a more suitable parental scenario for the child in question. Biology should always be the deciding factor above all other circumstances and of course the written rule and letter of the law closely behind. If a child is not legally adopted then the law is very clear. If fraud, deception of any kind, or coerced obtainment of the biological parent or parents is a the foundation of the adoption then the adoption is invalid and of no lawful merit whatsoever.

It is sheer arrogance on the part of many American who acquire children from foreign parenting under shady circumstances who then believe themselves entitled to retain the child no matter how many broken or disregarded laws have been over looked or out righted ignored. Children have a right to know where they have come from and those who take on children of living parents especially those who knowing take on adoptions of children who's parents are alive and well when their are so many legitimate orphan in the world than it is at your own folly and fault when the biological parents come forward wanting their flesh and blood back.

We at Excalibur-One applaud the Chinese families corage and fortutide in seeing their battle for the return of their biological child and wish them and theirs the very best in their future renite and together.

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