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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Angelina Jolie return your African PAWN child back to her African living mother

Angelina Jolie should immediately return the African PAWN child back to her African living mother where she would be loved and cherished rather than used as part of some BIG 2005 plan to trap Brad Pitt or lure him away from the African-American woman he continues to not have the decency or balls to defend publicly or do more than sit around waiting the arrival of in the face of his abdominal association with the tawdry treachery and fake baby making of Ms. Angelina Jolie.

Zahara deserves to know her biological mother. After all what amazing healing would occur between child and raped victim mother upon this happening especially in the case of this awfully over exposed and the horrendous exploitation of the child situation. My hopes, prayers and warmest wishes go out to Zahara's REAL mother... her African birth mother.

Let’s see real HUMANITARIANISM take place and not the fraudulent sort thus far witnessed whilst posing for the camera by way of the immediate uniting of the child and biological mother. Instead of the self serving of adulterous affair committing Hollywood elitism and shame inducing actors prevailing in the matter. Let the world be witness to the just and rightful return of the child to her actual mother for the good of the child and the real decency of the African mother.

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