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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Should Jennifer Aniston finally admit to her than husband's long distance love affair?

Maybe its high time for Jennifer Aniston to finally admit to her than husband's long distance love affair with an African-American through out her 4 1/2 year marriage to Brad Pitt rather than sitting quietly and allowing the world to believe the tawdry versions given by the home wrecker herself Angelina Jolie who Brad left no one for... not even Jennifer. Aniston should be proud as she did not chase Brad (married to someone) around on a steamy film shoot void of carrying about his commitment to his wife. Aniston actually landed him the old fashion way... aka. Brad pursued her and landed her.

Aniston still reins supremely over the desperate and ploys resulting Angelina Jolie as Brad was Aniston's at least for the whole first two years courtship and for several months into their marriage. While Angelina has had the tragic up hill battle of running around him like a headless chicken throwing babies and daddy nonsense at him. Playing second to fifth fiddle to a tone of children she brought him to subdue his shoving her out December 05 with her most maddening dash to the LA adoption court to force Brad into submission. Even allegedly bearing her first biological child much to the surprise of her x-husband Billy Bob Thornton whose biological she adamantly refused to have EVER.

Aniston knew Brad loved her from the very start. Angelina's trying everything to beat down his resistance to her and trap him away from his other “woman” by way of preying his plans to have child with the African-America still refusing to have anything to do with him until he owns up to the WHOLE truth and frees himself from the absurd daddy hood at the hands of a con-artist and false claim galore baby faker Ms. Jolie. Brad sits in misguided belief that his father hood is an issue. Well, he was supposed to have taken custody of children legally his rather than give way to faking baby claims and daddy hood with Ms. Jolie a long time ago.

Aniston at least knew at some stage that she had to let go. Mostly, when Brad used the in dog hot pursuit of him Ms. Jolie's lack of decency in staying away from him through out his divorce which just might still be on hold if Aniston's humiliation and pride did not finally allow her to file the divorce papers Brad run circles around filing himself and walk away from him. Angelina’s fa├žade life entails her like Aniston waiting for the shoe to drop and the horror of the world discovering the relationship charade. At least Aniston actually had a real relationship with Brad rather than a tragic pursuit of him leading to the exploitation of children, false claim biological offspring or the theft of funds over a so called humanitarian pledge photo op lies and deceptions before the world.

Angelina’s many talking out of both sides of her giant mouth claims begin with her alleging that nothing happened on their film shoot as she would never fall for someone that cheats due to her father yadyadyad yadyada… Well, it would appear that she as per is still without a real clue. Brad just did not cheat with her on that film shoot. He was technically cheating on his marriage to Aniston emotionally for years and long before Ms. Jolie had her big MAD dash for him. His emotionally long distance affair is very much ongoing in spite of the fake family rubbish in the media. Brad just does not has the balls to do anything about that long term emotionally affair as he seems to think it like everything else should be handed to him on his BRAD PITT PLATTER!

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