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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Glamour Magazine "Have My Say" Submission - the Karen Gordon and Whole Child International Organization Story

Dear Editor

May I commend you on a real story of triumph and self
sacrifice? I can image there is no greater pain then
to see your marriage end and even worst still if there
is the humiliation of an unfaithful spouse who would
thereafter be so indecent as to flaunt his or hers
marital betrayals publicly with another.

It takes an even strong woman to deal with such a
matter when that pain is played out in the media or
public eye. While I do not pretend to know the
circumstance for which the storyline I am making
comment on brought about the conclusion of Karen
Gordon’s marriage I do commend her on turning to
something greater than herself or her own
understandings to reach out to those unfortunate in a
genuine rather than exploitative for the sole purpose
of media attention manner.

I enjoyed immensely the article you featured Karen
Gordon from lush Hollywood lifestyle to putting her
money and time into the reality of orphanage and
orphan life. It will appear that only the naive belief
that orphans taken from third world countries have
such a great life. Especially, when taken by
celebrities which is sheer nonsense. Like so many
children around the world such children taken also
undergo and endure misery at the hands of even the
most boastful celebrity. Neglect and abuses are not
solely the acts or abuses inflicted by the poor and
non elitism treated of the world.

In this article your representation of just how
beautiful and wonderful even orphanage life can be
with the thoughtful help and resources as was the case
through Karen Gordon's Whole Child International
organization warmed my heart thoroughly. I truly
believe that money sadly breeds in children a sorry
sense of entitlement and arrogance. This can be
especially true of the so called Hollywood children
whose over exposed lives due to parents who
deliberating parade them around for attention to
themselves merit sad results time and time again.
Ultimately, some of the happiest of children and
family life take place something even in the most
modest of financial circumstances.

Like Karen Gordon who is quoted in saying "money
doesn't make me happy,” I too know that authenticity,
truth, and honest win out every time over money for
me. I am a firm believer in keeping children in their
native country and environment rather than removing
them from the countries they most likely will never
again or know. The mother tongue languages that will
ultimately be lost or never spoken and the sense of
belonging that will ultimately lead them back to their
place origins in search of filling that void the comes
with being taking from your natural environment is
inevitable. Such a void no amount of money in the
world ever fills or can replace.

I love that through Karen Gordon's tireless dedication
and hard work these children in the orphanages she
assist never losing their sense of origins, language,
or sense of belonging. In addition to all that her
hard work preserves, Karen also provides these
children and orphanages with the means to stand
proudly and strong. Ultimately, to never need to be
party to some soapbox of what's hot now for media
attention shenanigans or publicist stunt exploitation.

May God truly bless this woman and all she has done.
She turned a most painful ending of a period in her
life into a whole hearted and dignified new beginning
for herself and for millions of orphans through out
the world. Her goal of helping the 8 million orphans
in the world is a goal I am certain she will more than
achieve. Her goals are far more worthy of public
praise and commendable then the collecting of orphans
from third world countries after running of with some
trusting and unsuspecting woman's husband off a film
shoot and wrecking their marriage in the process a
year later, for instance. Complete with alleged
biological claims even before ink to divorce papers
occurred. The disgrace of it all.

For Karen Gordon I wish the best and for her tireless
work I applaud her well and truly.

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