Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston

Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Will the REAL Brad Pitt Stand Up!

For all who loved the Brad Pitt who was not side-swiped by the ridiculous desperations, entrapment and not to mention mentally instabilities of Angelina Jolie, let's hope Brad Pitt is on his way to freedom from the mommy monster Ms. Jolie. Let’s also hope that her African child is returned to her African mother, Pax remains with Brad independently of Ms. Jolie and the real biological father of Shiloh comes forward to rescue that child from the manipulations and entrapment for which Ms. Jolie only sought to bring her into this world to achieve.

Meanwhile, let's all focus on BRAD PITT and his dignify and oh so respectable co-star CATE BLANCHETT who would not be caught dead pursuing married or fiancé committed men on film shots no matter who they are in Hollywood. As it looks like the stunning pair will bring the elegancy and credible performances that we witnessed in their first collaboration Babel, prepare to be stunned once again. Let's all also hope in addition to Brad ditching the sad and exploitative Ms. Jolie in general that he also remembers to keep her well away from his professional life.

After all if it were not for her scandalous association to him, his marriage and his divorce he would have already received his first Oscar win. His work and life minus Ms. Jolie more than merits it.

See the trailer for their up and coming film at

(YouTube. trailer in spanish)

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