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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Billy Bob unleashes the "high-school" insult

Yeah, Billy Bob Thornton has the balls to speak his mind against that circus called Brangelina and then some. Here's hoping Billy Bob will come to the rescue of HIS son MADDOX and save him from the heinous amounts of media exploitation, fraud, delusions, and Brad's own cowardice in taking him or any of the other kids for that matter himself. After all Brad was only mixed up in what has become the nightmare of his own making for the children he though he would raise with another. I guess he did not expect he would have to face the nasty task of fighting for them himself too! But, that is what happens when you enter into living a lie instead of filing for custody and sticking to the plan... eh, Mr. Pitt!

Billy says of Angelina Jolie according to that his former wife is going through "a high-school phase" with Brad Pitt and she will be "waking up from that dream in no time." He added: "Who knows if I'll be there when she's ready to come to her senses though." Angelina might not be the only one in dreamland. Brad seems dreamland too as he actually thought the woman he has pined for as many a seventeen years would go running to him shacked up in that nightmare with that tragic home wrecking disgrace.

Maybe, Billy Bob has catch wind of Brad's on going long distance love affair too and hence knows first hand that Angelina is on borrowed time and wasting her efforts on someone who is merely waiting for someone else. Who know but if she belted out the biological so called babies for Billy Bob she would still have her husband rather than reducing herself to chasing after other peoples husbands ever since.

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