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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama and Clinton to Campaign Together

At last reason appears to have entered into this phase of the Democratic race to the top of the heap. The latest reports suggest the Democratic and former Democratic presidential hopefuls will campaign together. On Friday, Obama confirmed that he will campaign with former rival Hillary Rodham Clinton next week. This is a positive step toward peace and olive branch tactics for the splintered Democratic Party after the sparing that occurred during the Democratic primary clash to the finish line.

Will this ultimately spell as VP nod for Clinton? Here’s hoping as these two need to now get onto the business of formulating a formidable and unified team to take back the White House for the Democrats. Obama’s voters and Clinton supporters brought together under one umbrella the Republican hopeful would not stand a chance. Let us hope these once rivals can put aside the aggravations of the past long enough to seal the Democratic White House return deal. Worry about who should be VP in four years but for now why not go with obvious and the winning permutation.

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