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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brangelina Give Zahara Back to her real mother Mentewab Dawit Lebiso

What world do we live in where a African American has been nominated for the Democratic party and yet Brangelina comprised of adultery, on/off set affair, wrecked marriage, divorce, betrayal, entrapment, deception and stolen orphans from third world countries should these two be able to keep a child under such horrible circumstances pertaining a lack of morality or decency.

Brad Pitt's divorce was not even granted before the home wrecker Angelina Jolie made a boasting and deliberate attempt to strike at the then estranged wife Jennifer Aniston with her "I'M PREGNANT" claim. A claim which she later confirmed only a sad three months after the divorce was finalized when at the time she alleged herself to be 5 1/2 months pregnant. Only to give birth to a child she later admitted publicly to sleeping with another man shortly prior to Brad. Also, known as the child may not be his?

Ironically, she gave birth to the alleged biological child whose photos were sold for the then highest bidder five plus whole months after her January 2006 confirmation. She does not appear to be one to really grasp that whole counting the pregnancy months in conjunction with pinning the pregnancy on the most gullible guy in the room... aka Brad Pitt! Now her insensitivity sees her over exposed uselessness prompting a film about a white woman who wants her kids back. The woman does not seem to care to hear of any excuses as to why she cannot have back her white flesh and blood born from her own body child back does she as according to the film version.

Yet, Angelina justifies denying an African birth mother her child's return when that Black African poor non white woman cries out "I WANT MY DAUGTHER BACK" much as the dreary trailers of Angelina Jolie's recent film depicts her as saying "I want my son son" not someone else son, "my son." The bottom line being that the mother never legally surrendered her legal rights over the child. Angelina even claims the child was six months old at the time of the adoption when it came to light that the African mother was alive and not dead at all. As if a deliberate attempt to present the difference in age of the child as grounds to deny the African mother’s birth claims. As known as lying.

Pictures of Brad carrying the child in NYC October 2005 show a child that is so small that she does not appear to be more than several weeks old. If Angelina has nationalized a child in the United States who was inaccurate alleged to be older than she was at the time of the nationalization the child is in fact an illegal alien in this country. Elitism and lying does not change that. A full investigation into the matter I would say is long over due. The immigration department should seek a complete with hearings to both parties interviewed and hear the side of the African mother in order to get to the heart of who is in fact LEGALLY rather than elitism entitled to retaining custody and paternal rights of this exploited child.

The way Brangelina use the other children and a media circus of the already vulgarly exposed fake family, not to mention humanitarian exploits to both divert and distract the world's media from taking up the plight and attention of the Zahara's African mothers heartfelt desire to have her child back is disgusting. What in the hell is the matter with Brad that he does not also have a shred of decency to not involve himself with such a heart breaking tale of woe for a poor Black African woman who has nothing and is still determined to come forward for the child she never gave up legally. Where is the humanity in Brangelina? They do not have a foggiest clue about 'FAMILY VALUES' let alone examples of honesty, honor or decency.

STOP LYING AND MAKING EXCUSES AND GIVE THE CHILD BACK! You are not even a real couple. Angelina desperately acquiring children to trap Brad away from another is not the motherhood for the awards of the year as she damn well knows Brad was shoving her out of his life from the very beginning. Hence, all the children to slow his departure from her down. Those children deserve more than adulterer and home wreckers for paternity example or guidance. Show some class Mr. Pitt and ditch the lies, the home wrecker and the fake relationship she stalked you onto a film shoot whilst you were marriage and still has the indecency to resort to more and more desperate antics to entrap you in the same empty Hollywood coupling you struggled to free yourself from only just a few years ago.

While I adore the work of Clint Eastwood he could not have gone with a more inappropriate actress to act as lead in this sensitive subject matter. I can only hope that it will return to the media forefront the curial importance of the right of Zahara's African birth mother Mentewab Dawit Lebiso who has been without her daughter long enough. Angelina has lied, home wrecked, schemed and plotted long enough. And, yet behind the scenes Brad's is still trying to free himself from her for another. Much like when Jen ran to the presses daily only for the world to discover that their marriage had been over for some time and the only thing that held the fa├žade together was public relations and red carpet events. Sounds familiar?

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