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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

From 2008 Presidential Race to One Term Presidency For Sure

With the blunder that is the Barack Obama camp going with a none previously backed with millions of voters or followers choice Senator Joe Biden in his pocket Obama has made himself the one term presidency candidate race horse if nothing else.

The nonsensical decision to not choose Senator Hillary Clinton was to say the least advantageously taken into full opportunistic gain by Republican Senator John McCain. Senator McCain demonstrates that he either has the gumption to take the "maverick" approach with such a decision or the genius to capture those millions of wounded female voters who were no doubt let done when Senator Barack Obama made the abominable decision to not go with the most obvious dream winning team running mate pairing of Senator Hillary Clinton.

The way in which the Clinton's captivated the Democratic convention said it all. Obama may have wanted to make that very Democratic convention stage his own after finding himself also somewhat in awe of the dynamic Clinton dual, but will he keep the momentum all the way to the White House now that Senator Sarah Palin has come in with winds of "change" and historical relevance of her own.

An African American presidential candidate is one thing but the pairing of an African American presidential candidate along side the first female for vice-presidency running mate would have been out of this world for America, American politics as well as American history. Hell maybe even for the entire world. That… Senator Barack Obama would have been the seed of real "change."

The irony of it all just may be in that while Obama made the choice of Senator Bidden as his 2008 running mate, Senator Bidden in the same position just might have gone with Senator Hillary Clinton as a running mate without question over a Senator Barrack Obama if his own recent words are anything go by in which he suggests Senator Hillary Clinton would have made a better running mate.

Hey Senator Bidden... I AGREE! Get um next time Senator Hillary Clinton. Senator Hillary Clinton, see you at the Presidential White House as President elect in four years.

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