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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hypocrisy of the Obama Team

Hillary and Bill Clinton may have gotten behind Barack Obama, but come on team Barack… what are you thinking. The pairing of Hillary and Bill are always going to be of the dynamics that could see the democrat's winning by a land slide up against like likes of John McCain. The hypocrisy of the Obama team speaks volumes. It is not everyday that a black American male gets this far in a presidential election.

Never actually being much of a real backer of Obama personally due to his green-ness around the edges verse the familiarity of the Clinton's and the Clinton administration that got the country out of the last tussle with the Mid-East.

Has "male' ego rather than what was in the best interest for the nation played the bigger hand in Obama’s decision to nominate Joe Biden instead. For whatever went wrong for team Clinton for president leading up to the events this week featured at consecutive election nights rallies calling for unity and the backing of Obama more than brought to the forefront the greatness of the Clinton team and their collective beneficial collaboration.

Is this a mis-step on the part of the Obama camp? Have they subsequently denied the United States a greater move forward and a greater if not much more secure future for the world on a whole. An Africa-American man getting this far in the race should have more than put aside the bad blood created during the election long enough to put the greater need for the country and democratic party to give a confident and comprehensive stand along side with Clinton and her supporters for the definitive run for office.

Ultimately, not just outing the Bush administration with style but also the republican self-serving rule and abandonement of all logic and fairness where the Mid-East war is concerned. Being of mixed race heritage is not something to take likely for better or for worst. Barack Obama should have set a better example of fairness himself in the appointment of a woman to the number two top spot in the nation even if that woman was named Hillary Clinton.

Shame on you Barack for not actually practicing that very spirit of giving you a man of color a chance to lead this nation when you in turn refused to give a woman that same benefit of the doubt and opportunity as well.

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