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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is Angelina Jolie connected to the murder of her Make-Up Artist?

While Angelina Jolie is trying her hardest to make the world revolve around her and her fake BRAD PITT twins her make-up artist is found dead… murdered. I do not know about you but if my long loyal devoted to me make-up artist was murdered I would find the time to cease permanently from the whole whoring my fake family out to the media still.

Did the make-up artist know too much? Did Angelina try to stop the 48 years Hollywood industry favorite cold in his track? Was he the bearer of evidence that Angelina's alleged biologically Brad Pitt kids are not his are all? Murder is a big motive when someone stand to stop you claiming $30 million worth of fake biological baby money payable from fool hearted or unnecessarily trusting editors who should never pay celebrities of any sort that kind of money without DNA evidence to substantiate the biologically media whored out claim.

Who's next in the Brangelina camp for murder fate? Will Brad himself be in danger to the greedy media attention obsessed fraudster and her con-brother/lover James Haven.

James Haven and Angelina Jolie think they have got their meal ticket through Brad claiming this daddy nonsense for “life.” Only problem Brad is not biologically responsible for her kids. Especially, when it comes to child support as he was clever enough to make sure these so called biological born children were in fact born outside of the United States jurisdiction to avoid the US might child support legislation he would had faced had the children actually been his or born in AMERICA. That must be why Angelina was after whoring the twin children out to the media for the ultimate highest bidders and to the tune of $30 million to bank into her own accounts.

Angelina and her brother are going to have to find themselves a new sugar daddy to live the high life off of. Brad Pitt will NEED to declared himself “FREED” from Ms. Jolie no matter how well Angelina and her brother think they have brainwashed him, manipulated him or emotionally blackmailed him through this daddy nonsense. They must be STOP!

And, Brad Pitt must stand up for the truth and take the kids that are legally his to take as well as bring the real biological father Alastair Burlingham forward to assist him with claiming the three non biologically Pitt children once and for.

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