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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Biological Baby Experience...NEVER!

For the woman of the world who choose not to become mothers biologically so or by way of third world country stolen from the orphans’ country of origin, we salute you!

I am amongst you who have chosen career over motherhood now at age 39 years old. I truly believe that Brangelina has single handedly turned me off biological child birth, child bearing and child rearing in general after previous years of it being a most burning desire within me. The desire is completely gone. It feels wonderful to now focus on other things like career and freedom.

I am released from that damn biological ticking female internal clock for LIFE! So, to all the manufacturers of the now for me treasured birth control and birth conception prevention pill… I LOVE YOU and am a sworn life long customer or at least until menopause.

The thought of some mentally challenges reckless fool of a woman who is both unstable and A-moral with her emotional capacity deriving from manipulation and delusion along with her adultery committing former co-star allegedly conceiving and parenting... whatever!

Nonetheless, if was the wake up call my biological clock needed. It and me are over it AKA the biological baby thing for good.
There is no way in hell anything good could ever come of those two completely out of touch with reality cheating liars parenting animals in the wild let alone human life together.

P.S. Do worry kids I had self-serving parents growing up and all I did throughout childhood was plan my escape! And, escape I did. You each will grow up soon enough then each of you can make a run for it! Until then kids chin up. Idiot parenting is the absolute worst.

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