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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Measure Meals - the Charity Based Diet Plan

100% of Good Measure Meals Profit Go to Open Hand's Charity

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Good Measure Meals is changing the lives of thousands in need of a lifestyle overhaul. The vicious circle that is dieting and weight gain for some is literally an up hill battle never actually won. For those in the Atlanta area the battle may not have been initially won but efforts to tackle the war against overweight and unhealthy living is. Good Measure Meals is a service that does not promote dieting but instead healthy living for those who want and are ready to commit to making lifestyle changes. As a gourmet food services go, Good Measure Meals prepares healthy and delicious meals for takeaway style service. The meals are set to several meal plans comprised of 5 or 7 day meals and dinner meals. The Good Measure Meals 5 to 7 day meal plan allows you to kick your shoes off and literally let Good Measure Meal do all the hard work. For those seeking healthy alternative meals for dinner their dinner plan fits in perfectly with a week supply of mouthwatering healthy entrées to be heated in minutes.

With no prep time involved the pre-cooked and pre-packaged meals are of the highest nutritional balanced quality. Not merely low in fat content but also containing zero trans fats making this meal plan a service for even those concerned with healthy eating in general rather than actual dieting. All meals are prepared by the Good Measure Meals Team of Chefs and Registered Dietitians. Much healthier than the average takeaway or fast food these meal plans suit all tastes and preference. The menu option includes entrées, side dishes, dessert and even snacks if required. The calorie intake is tallied per meal ensuring that you are well within the limits of your daily calorie allowance. Calorie allowances are comprised of 4 different calorie levels from 1200 to 2100 calories per day as well as 2 calorie options on our Dinner Plans. The meals are prepared fresh daily which means that no added preservatives or chemicals are involved during the cooking and pre process.

Once signed with the Good Measure Meals you are supplied healthy and invaluable information on how to kick start your new healthy lifestyle complete with a nutritionist and fitness advisors to make your meal program a success. Good Measure Meals have expanded their healthy meals option to cover Savannah, Athens and Metro Atlanta areas for pick up or delivery meal service. The even greater good of the Good Measure Meals is that is it apart of a higher purpose called the Open Hand's. This non-profit organization tirelessly offers nutrition programs and supplies the community's needy with free nutritional meals 7 days a week. The good work that Good Measure Meals do for their clients is being used to do greater work for the Open Hand's organization. As 100% profit goes towards the non-profit organization Open Hand's, the more success stories come out of the Good Measure Meals camp the more the success then can be applied to Open Hand's and the invaluable work they carry out.

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