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Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Romantic Getaway to Copenhagen

Dreaming of Romance in Copenhagen? Dreaming of a honeymoon in Scandinavia or a kiss-filled weekend with your loved one? Here are four romantic things to do when you make Copenhagen, Denmark your romantic getaway destination.

1. Romantic Castle Excursion

Top on the list of romantic activities for you and your special someone is the must see and must do romantic castle excursion. Copenhagen has some of the world's most divine historical castles. One especially special romantic castle visit is the Amalienborg Palace & Amaliehaven. This castle is especially romantic as it is also the winter residence of the Danish royal family. So if it is good enough for them then it has to be good enough to make this oh so romantic list.

Castle's the world are magical places unto themselves. The fairytale history behind most castles often entail the legendary story of the prince who finds his princess creating even more heaving romanticism and notion for this romantic getaway spot. Taking long romantic walks through the castle hallways, gardens and corridors will warm even the most harden romantic free heart. Other romantic castles of Copenhagen include the Rosenborg Castle & the King's Garden, Frederiksborg Castle & Baroque Garden and Kronborg Castle.

2. Cupid at Thorvaldsen Museum

Cupid at Thorvaldsen Museum is almost a dead give away with Cupid in the name drop for this romantic excursion out. This 1848 museum features the works of honored Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. The Cupid and Psyche sculpture will be actually what the romantic doctor ordered for your romantic Copenhagen getaway. Who can resist the glance of Cupid himself, God of erotic love and beauty with his trademark sending his arrows through people's hearts to invoke love and romance?

3. A night at Copenhagen Opera House
A night at The Opera in Copenhagen is a quintessential romantic experience you would not want to miss even if you are not a lover of opera itself. Any opera is an experience, but a Danish opera well that is an experience in a league of its own. The opera drawn by Danish architect Henning Larsen, is an experience you will never forget. Dining out before the opera is almost a prerequisite as the local cuisine is just superb especially when you choose a restaurant with panorama view of Copenhagen. Another great aspect of our opera experience is just as darkness falls catching a glimpse of the city lights from the Opera's balcony on the 4th floor. For this excursion be sure to get your opera tickets in advance just to ensure you do not miss out.

4. The Baroque Park at Gammel Holtegaard

The Baroque Park at Gammel Holtegaard is located in Holte just north of Copenhagen. Here you will find exhibitions of Danish and international art, ancient and modern, paintings, sculptures and photographs. The lovebirds in you will most delight in the romantic setting of the Baroque Park. In 1755, Laurids de Thurah established the park with fruit tree avenues, fountains and arcades. Summer is one of the best times to attend and experience to the fullest your romantic excursion as on every Sunday afternoon there are open-air concerts featuring jazz and classical music. Love could truly be in the air after experiencing this romantic getaway in Copenhagen things to do list.

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