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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Charlie Sheen Arrested in Colorado for Domestic Violence

Just as life appeared to be looking up and headed in the right direction for actor Charlie Sheen things have taken a decided turn for the worst over the holidays. Events leading up to an incident described by police authorities as domestic violence have resulted in the arrest of the 44 year old actor in Aspen, Colorado. The wife of Sheen believed to be the apparent of victim of the domestic altercation was allegedly attended to by paramedics at the Hollywood couple Aspen home. However, Brooke Mueller Sheen, a real estate investor, is not officially named as the accuser against Sheen in this matter.

Apparently, the unknown accuser was not hospitalized after the violent altercation in spite of the initial 911 emergency callout that summoned the ambulance to the Sheen home where the domestic altercation took place. An Aspen based lawyer for Sheen have already warned against the public jumping to conclusion regarding the altercation and subsequent charges facing the actor at this time. Sheen's lawyer Richard Cummins also declined to name the accuser of Sheen in the matter as attorney client privileges allow. Confirmation of the actor Sheen who spent his Christmas day not at home with the family but instead behind the bars of a Colorado jail cell subsequent release was issued by the Pitkin County Jail, Aspen.

Facing felony charges, Sheen was released after payment of his $500 USD bail bond was paid in full. He was advised of the strict conditions of his bail then allowed to go on his way. It is unclear whether or not the actor returned to the home of the domestic altercation under the circumstances. Sheen has had his fair share of run ins with the law and is no stranger to the ramifications once police involvement warrants charges brought forth again himself. Sheen first faced domestic violence charges in 1996 after a violent altercation with then girlfriend lead to his arrested in which he plead no contest and was given 2 years probation.

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