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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Tiger Woods Scandal - Why Do Men Cheat?

The world of the esteemed and respected Tiger Woods has imploded like a stack of cards. Everywhere you look there are more tawdry revelations newly released into the mainstream media. Previously, Woods as the long standing hero of the golfing world could do no wrong. Maybe, that is the main factor for such unceremonious and uncharacteristic behavior also known as adultery. However, Woods has yet to commit the cardinal sin of also running off with the sordid woman playing a part in the demise of a marriage as so many Hollywood once respect by all celebrities have sadly done at the shock and dismay of those who watched in disbelief.

Maybe there is hope for him yet. There is nothing more disarming than being the "other" woman and acknowledged homewrecker to something that is meant to be sacred and abiding between two people who have come together in a realm of formal commitment to one another. Such woman never lives down the stench of such behavior or the subsequent title of 'HOMEWRECKER." Angelina Jolie knows oh too well the woes of being one whom opening pursuing the men of other woman. The outcome of such behavior and such alleged relationship is never good. As the saying goes 'once a cheater always as cheater.' Woman would not be wise to expect an acquired man and relationship under such circumstance will be any more than them also becoming the one cheat upon and ultimately left for another.

Maybe, in Tiger Woods case he was in a vulnerable state at the time of his nuptials not long after the passing of his father. The vulnerability a person can experience during the time of such a most heart wrenching occurrence is enough to blind ones emotions or lead a person to believing they too needed to take stock of their lives. For most men and woman for that matter this does mean settling down and starting a family of their own. However, when the relationship is already on fragile and unstable grounding the inevitable is the straying of both a partner's fidelity and affections. The question is then why do men cheat when the obvious falling out of love with their wives or partners has occurred. One would conclude the inevitable ending and subsequent parting of the relationship is eminent and just a matter of time before one or both party head for the door permanently.

So, why not spare the no longer beheld partner the humiliation of infidelity and respectfully part especially when child are involved. If fidelity in a marriage has arisen to the point of a partner looking outside of the marriage then before anything unforgiving occurs then would be the time to exist the marriage and or relationship to spare the ultimate and unavoidable pain of unfaithfulness and betrayal. The problem may be that some men want they cake and eat it too. This is absurd as no man really passes off such behavior without themselves getting burned in the end too. Look at Tiger Woods, for future example.

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