Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston

Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spidey Shakedown: No Maguire and Raimi

Spiderman without the beloved Toby McGuire...? Is this even possible you may ask? Sadly, the answer is definitely yes. As of January 2010, Spiderman 4 is no more. Instead, Spiderman 4 will be revised for what was expected to be another smash hit for the heavily grossing at the box office action flick. The highly anticipated sequel to the mega hit Spiderman comic is to go ahead without major key personnel according to Insider Movies. Reports have confirmed that lead actor 34 year old McGuire will not appear in Spiderman 4. McGuire now a family man declined reprising the role that propelled him into the hearts of millions as the web slinging hero of the silver screen. Fourth installment of the Spiderman franchise also sees the star direction of director Sam Rami opting out. The departure of the director responsible for bringing his vision for Spiderman to the level of global acceptance and box office revenue success could spell disaster for the latest installment. Previous reports suggested huge clashes occurring between Rami and studio bosses over the finer details of the script which proved more than Rami were prepared to deal with. Rami leaving the Spiderman production along with McGuire have created a rather large gapping whole in the infrastructure of the production. Read more

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