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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hotels Owned by Movie Stars

From jet-setters to hotel ownership, celebrities are the proverbial entrepreneurs of our times. These particular celebrities want more than just their day jobs. In the '90s, the Hollywood trend appeared to be in the restaurant business. Almost every other actor or actress owned one. Now the bigger picture extracurricular uber-ownership is hotels. Celebrity-owned luxury hotels are appearing all across the globe. Hotels have become big business for celebrities taking the dive into the world of luxurious living in a home-away-from-home style setting. Some of these celebrity-owned hotels are so moderately price that even Joe the Plumber can afford a night or two in one of the fabulous proprietor hotels.

Top marks go to one of the most revered actors in the '60s, '70s and '80s on the silver screen: Robert Redford. After Redford took a brief hiatus from filmmaking, he continued to wow moviegoers with his style and class well into the 21st century. Renowned for his Sundance Film Festival, Redford is also the proud owner of the Sundance Resort. This resort offers 6,000 acres of pure natural and open wilderness as the backdrop for this luxury resort stay in Sundance, Utah. Wake to the stunning views of the Mount Timpanogos in your rustic mountain lodge accommodation. As a hotspot for winter wonderland adventures, Sundance is the ideal location for those enjoy taking to the ski slopes will relaxing on their holiday in Utah. The annual Sundance Film Festival makes this one of the most exciting resort stays Utah has to offer. Prices range from $601 per night.

For less than $100 per night you can make your home away from home hotel stay in the lap of luxury at the celebrity-owned hotel called The Big Sleep Hotel. Owned by veteran actor John Malkovich, this chic hotel is in Eastbourne, London. Trendy with sleek white furniture suites will set you back a mere $92 per night including breakfast. The Big Sleep Hotel offers picturesque sea views and a convenient to central London location. Just two hours away from the hustle and bustle of London this hotel provides the latest in mod coms including WiFi and Flat Screen TVs.

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