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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Facebook To Reveal New Look for 2010

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Facebook is launching their new look and make-over for 2010. Not satisfied with the last “new” look the mega multi-communication networking mega website featured a few years ago. Yes, the most popular and ever expanding multi media communication in the world is cleaning up their act to bring a chic look and more efficient layout.

Not only will there be a new layout but some great new live chat features as well. Apparently, your list of friends is displayed in full. The online chat facility allows you to commence conversation with friends instantly. Just use the chat box located at the right hand bottom corner of your Facebook page. The find friend’s box has a new location to the more sensible left hand side of the site.

Facebook is definitely going out of their way to keep their long-term and new Facebook users exceedingly satisfied with their service in this ever changing world. They better. Twitter mostly like put the Facebook under pressure with the meteoric rise to the forefront to the internet multi-interfacing race.

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