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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brad Pitt Dumped Angelina Jolie But Can't Find Anyone Crazy Enough to Take Him and the Aftermath On

Is Brad Pitt trapped in hell? He dumps Angelina Jolie annually. Pitt tried to flee her by running back to Jennifer Aniston last year when he appeared to break free of the barracuda Jolie and her sledge hammer also known as the Jolie-Pitt kids. And, now he is trapped in a hell of his making. The minute Jolie discovers with each of these partings that no other woman has taken up with Pitt five minutes later she is back at the maneuvers and manipulation to keep hold of him herself.

Earlier this year,Pitt appeared to rise bold enough to end the matter Ms. Jolie who just won’t let go off when he had the L.A.lawyers finalize the parting through official legal separation papers. Much to Jolie's surprise, the custody and visitation agreements along with the formally separation legal documents ended her efforts to pre-date the so called relationship five years for 'common law wife' pursuit purposes on her part.

Discovering that she can neither hold Pitt officially to child support payments as he is not the real "biological" father and her questionable African adoption denies her actual child support payment entitlement. The living African mother of Zaraha who continues to campaign for the return of the child to Africa is always the perfect weapon to utilize against Jolie seeking child support payment for the orphan children she so loves to exploit in the doomed matter called "Brangelina."

Pitt seemingly can not find anyone foolish or crazy enough to take on him, his former co-star and six kids with an unstable stalking mother for a 'baby mama." Leaving Pitt faced with the reality that he truly has gotten the situation with her very wrong. After all, who in there right mind wants to get involve with a man involved with that woman and that mess through those children. I, for one, am not that woman. Ironically, Aniston just might be the only woman who would take on that situation and have Pitt with open arms.

Annually, Jolie attempts to hold the lies and deception together so that she can flaunt herself on front covers that years ago would not give her narcissistic lifestyle the time of day. Jolie is clearly resorting to every other trick in the book to hang onto the charade known as Brangelina. Even orchestrating her own strategic photo opts as the "so called" evidence. While sulking and miserable Pitt seems unwilling to really face up to the reality of his folly completely.

As he is incapable of being a single parent, Jolie continues to power play the situation through those overexposed in the media children. There is something very disturbingly wrong with "Brangelina." If Pitt will not protect those children from the obvious exploitation inflicted upon them through their being ill used by Ms. Jolie then maybe, DSS should inevitably intervene on behalf of these children.

Pitt appears to be finding out the hard way that he allowance of Jolie to follow him around yearly through these children has ultimately cost him and his career dearly as the real praise of Hollywood Oscars and Globes is denied him.

Taking her out onto red carpet event seemingly needs to be a thing of the past. As Pitt was completely snubbed by every award ceremony there is in Hollywood in the lead up to the 2010 awards ceremony season. Pitt does risks the danger of further alienating himself from Hollywood forever. Especially, if he continues to surrender to the determination of someone so fool-hearted and prepared to do whatever it takes to entrap him and his finances even by hook or crook as it turns out.

Sad, Pitt was well on his way to a beautiful Hollywood status and career legacy. Something's and some people are simply not worth mixing with as in the long run there is always a bigger price to pay for adultery, deception and in this case even fraud.

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Kesha Coggins Pitt said...

Now retired from Entertainment & Celebrity News writing, I wrote this early on at I would go to launch ny online magazine called Magazine Tres summer 2010.

By December 2010, Brad Pitt would tell about world & his confirmation of me being his wife...