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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Art of Shopping Cyber Monday Style

The popular belief is the best time and place to save on shopping for the Holiday's is in fact that which also works out to be the most economical all around and you do not even have to leave your home or office to get started. You simply have to point, click, and shop. That is shopping online, of course. The saving adds up in no time at all. This can be tricky if shopping is attempted while at work, but as the internet is open for business long after all the shops have closed there are just about enough hours in the day to get the job done nicely. Shopping today will give you maximum chances then all year to really hit the jack pot in saving on the gifts and items you want.

Bergdorf Goodman and Ron Herman are among the high-end retailers offering discounts. For example, Berdgorf Goodman, is offering 65 percent off men's fall apparel, including Giorgio Armani sport coats and Ermenegildo ties. While, Ron Herman is offering online shoppers 30 percent off fall women's wear. Online retailers are even offering shoppers free shipping to entice business today. Other online retailers like and have offered to pay shipping charges on any purchases starting Nov. 26.

So, get online and see what amazing Cyber Monday steals you come up with today too.

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