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Friday, November 2, 2007

Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein blames "culture coarsened by celebrity news" for decline in journalism

Renowned Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein told a group of college preparatory students in Greenwich, Connecticut that "a culture coarsened by celebrity news" is to responsibility for decline of public affairs journalism. The former Washington Post reporter is not wrong in addressing the shortcoming of the media's representation of the news as the media influences are more motivated now by the superficiality of celebrity-ism.

The paparazzi are blamed or targeted as the bad guys. But, it’s like crime, which really is to blame, the drugs or the poverty that perpetuates criminal motivations. In the case of celebrity-ism, is it the blame that of the publicist that feed the tabloids with stories and client tips offs for more publicity driven focus on the client’s personal life in particular rather than the paparazzi who are merely like the foot soldiers supplying the photos for celebrity media hungry publications.

Should there be laws put into place to prosecute publicists who actually allow or facilitate deception in the media for public consumption and annual company profits. While the news has its hand full with competing with the likes of celebrity scandals and personal woes what educational value or culturally based attributes are there for the public at large to such over kill of ones over exposed personal celebrity life or lifestyle.

What is even sadder are those celebrities who desperately seek out the attention and inflict it upon the masses through means of publicity stunts or outlandish behavior and the exploitation of others. Bernstein said, "more resources are being devoted to the lifestyles of celebrities such as Donald Trump and Paris Hilton". "The problems we have in news and journalism are about us not doing our job well enough," Bernstein said. "The ideal of providing the best available version of the truth is being affected by the dominance of a journalistic culture that has less and less to do with reality and context."

Bernstein, 63, goes onto say that he believes an "idiot culture" is also very much to culpability for the dysfunction of political life in the United States. "You can't separate the appetites and demands of the people themselves and what they are given," he said. "The blame simply can't all be put at the feet of those who present news."

It is one thing like any other "normal" person in or out of the limelight to make bit of a mess of your life on the way to finding the necessary answers to the meaning or purpose of life to make positive change when your in your twenty's, but when you hit thirty plus is there really any further excuse for such celebrity-ism to prevail beyond professional intent aka film promotional commits and product promotional obligations.

Maybe, there needs if nothing else to be a sell by date on celebrity personal life scandalous behavior and predicable outlandish personal misconduct. After, the age of thirty personal public and deliberate display of a scandalous or scandal inducing nature is just tacky and tasteless. Not classy whatsoever!

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