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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Music and fashion heavy weights team up for worthy cause

Music and fashion heavy weights team up for a worthy charity cause. Madonna and Gucci have joined forces to raise funds for orphans in Malawi. Madonna just last year set out to adopt a child legally from the impoverished southern African nation. Instead of simply taking a child from the struggling nation she has done so much more for the millions of orphans and people still living in poverty and impoverish lives.

I respect her greatly for the latter. Apparently, any donkey with money can take an African child, but it takes a rightful heart to give a damn about the millions left behind. My hat tips to her for her selfless efforts to provide a better way of life for those in Malawi and also treating them with dignity and re-enforcing their sense of pride as an African people.

Madonna has respectfully kept her adopted African son discreetly from the media circus that is so embraced by lesser celebrities who appear to use the African adoption claim as if some sort of humanitarian act amongst other dismaying claims. She has also both honored and treated with respect the living biological father of the African boy which is to say the least very commendable.

Madonna has come a long way from the days of rebellion and calamity to be in her own right a woman of example and strength. She stands alone proudly as co-founder of the Raising Malawi rather than as part of some over exposed and sadly flaunted Hollywood bs coupling which in itself distracts distastefully from any humanitarian cause if not puts people off all together.

Guy Richie is "REALLY" her man and not party to some sad frantic entrapment of the man as some others have publicly resorted to ridiculously. Madonna and Gucci will host a fund-raising event with dinner, a musical performance and a party on February 6 next year to mark the opening of Gucci's largest store in the world, on New York's Fifth Avenue.

Her co-founded Raising Malawi charity focuses on trying to end the poverty and hardship suffered by Malawi's 1 million orphans, many of whose parents died of AIDS.

"I am grateful that Gucci is joining forces with me to bring attention to a country with millions of children in desperate need of our help," Madonna said in a statement.

"Raising Malawi has already done tremendous work in helping these children. But we have much more to do and this event will surely bring us closer to our goal."

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