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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Clooney gets a little physical with Fabio at restaurant

What started as a lovely evening out with his even lovelier girlfriend Sara Larson for George Clooney turned out to more than anyone bargained for when photograph snaps coming from a guest at Fabio's table got George heated under the collar. George thought the person was attempting to take photographs him and his girlfriend. This lead to an unfriendly gesture referred to as the bird, which of course lead Fabio to go over to George's table and, basically, take a closer look. Just kidding. Apparently, it was more like his telling George to get over himself. Clooney maybe already feeling completely over himself opted to get a little physical with Fabio so as to have no confusion as to who needed getting over whom perhaps! All is well that ends well as the two were physically pulled apart from one another and such as life the party went on. A man who stands up for his woman...ah!

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