Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston

Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"American Gangster" Washington and Crowe Making History

The riveting new "American Gangster" flick is set for box office and cinematic greatest. At the helm of the film’s production is the almighty Ridley Scott directing two of Hollywood’s finest Oscar winners of the decade Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. The historical stage has been set as only Ridley Scott himself can. Like in the majestic Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott and starred Russell Crow, the enormousness of the main character played by Denzel Washington reaches right out into the audience and through the silver screen at you. The larger than life portrayal of the how to history of drug exportation from Vietnam into hard hit Harlem streets of New York City during the height of America's national crisis at that time is almost beyond believable. Yet, it is most certainly fact based and very much factually true in every way. A definite must see!

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