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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Angelina Jolie doesn't like George Clooney

I'm with you... George. Angelina and unrepentant orphan collecting are abdominal. She is notorious for using them for both publicity sake, to cover over her backlash man on film sets chasing who happen to already be in relationship with other woman at the time of her chase aka film shoot, and of course entrapment of silly gullible man.

Angelina's just mad because George won't fall for her ‘I’ve GOT orphans’ routine right into her bed and instead had plenty sense to stay away on her way to circling Brad for the entrapment move kill. Read here about how Angelina fears that George will lead Brad astray from his Daddy duties. “DADDY DUTIES” What a JOKE! Would this be the pot calling the kettle black or what what?

George leading Brad astray...hum. Wasn't Brad only like five minutes separated from the wife he had during the 2004 and not yet divorced in 2005 when Angelina rushed to get the African kid on the heels of their film shoot only concluding re-shoots just months before.

It was not like Brad was a single and available man or already split publicly from his then wife Jennifer Aniston or had even confirmed problems in his marriage during or at the time of his filming Mr. and Mrs. SMITH… was it? I definitely recall that not being the case at all. So, NO would be the answer to that. Instead, he was very much running around to premieres and red carpet events with Aniston all smiles during his film shoot with ANGLEINA like a devoted husband in a happy coupling. His publicist in October 2004 even denied the "GOLDEN COUPLING" of Brad and Jen would ever split or divorce... ever!

Hum... leading him astray. Or, wait could it be that she forgot about what she did to Billy Bob Thornton during their Pushing Tin (1999)film shoot on which Billy Bob was committed to the lovely Laura Dern in the fiancé way. Hum... leading one astray? Well, she would know all about leading one astray really wouldn't she.

Here at Excalibur-One we are GREAT lovers of George Clooney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And, enormous FANS!
And, let's face it she has not got much of a career left and Brad PITT... what the hell was he thinking?

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