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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Jolie, Pitt come to aid of HBO with project

Give me a break! What…the exploitative Ms. Jolie running out of causes and means to divert Brad from coming to his senses and leaving her alone at long last or has the whole using orphans to brainwash him into hanging around come to the end of the line. It is down right pathetic the Politian face nonsense Brad has got himself involved in.

Is Ms. Jolie trying to compete with George Clooney's triumph in making such an incredible contribution to the energy saving movement? She so needs to name drop Brad for any media attention and for anyone to give her the time of day as the HUMANTARIAN gig is going down the crapper! What's next widows and cripples!

My words to HBO are “PLEASE RETHINK YOUR ALLOWANCE OF MS. JOLIE’ S ATTMEPTS TO USE BLACK Africa AND AID SUFFERING TO COVER OVER HER SCANDALIOUS RELATIONSHIP WITH MR. PIT AND THE FACT THAT HER OWN SO CALLED HUMANITARISM IS ITSELF UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT.” A gullible Mr. Pitt seems to be SADLY easily led by her efforts to distract him his departure from her as she believed she prevented his going public with a long distance relationship with another after resorting to pregnancy entrapment to steal away from Jennifer Aniston.

I am sure under the circumstance HBO can find more creditable and respectably noted in the world benefactor or two. Not this charlatan Ms. Jolie. Maybe, someone who is genuinely involved in the betterment and quality of lives improvement for others and not just using the suffering of others to distract the world from their tawdry lifestyle which is the actual truth about Ms. Jolie's so called life of her hype rather than real substance in constant attempt to smoke screen her disastrous actions.

As for Mr. Pitt maybe it is time to drop Ms. Jolie's ridiculous Politian’s face and go back to being just BRAD PITT! We all LOVED that Brad Pitt. Who in the hell is this Brad Pitt that lives a giant lie and runs around with the desperate for a man, desperate for attention, and desperately exploiting the suffering of others for media acknowledgement Ms. Jolie. You have your New Orleans project so why don’t you focus on that. At least that project Ms. Jolie has not been successful in forcing her way onto, taking it over, controlling it, and then making it all about her and her so called humanitarianism.

Angelina needs to get a life and Brad Pitt needs to remember the life he actually set out to have when he departed his marriage in 2005. If he can recall it never featured MS. Jolie in it anywhere, hence, her dadddyhood crap!

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