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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Paris Hilton hopes to make mark with Rwanda trip

Paris Hilton is on a mission to change her image. She is headed to Rwanda in hopes of making a mark on the world, and possibly creating another reality TV show. We have in recent years witnessed the shamed and disgrace actress heading off to Africa or other third world countries as if on a mission to change their tarnished public image. Sadly, some clearly also fail to change their lives which carry on in such a scandal ridden and tawdry affair chasing state that you can only but cringe when such actresses or their antics are especially plastered daily in the media and shopping cart lanes all over the world.

But, there is No sign of that orphan collecting for publicity attention sake or stunts for Paris Hilton. After doing her time in a Los Angeles jail the heiress seems to have found what maybe more celebrities need to discover before the train wreck lifestyle effect more than runs wildly out of control around them... aka accountability. Accountability is one of the lost arts in Hollywood with publicists at the ready to give the oh so crucial waffle or whopper of a lie to the media to quiet down the outrageous exploits of their clients or the dumbing down of the masses of us who are not near as naive or blind to the obvious as they in Hollywood like to believe we all somehow are or suffer from.

Paris has my vote! I would watch her any day for at least she is not running around like some mindless do googer with an insatiable appetite for other people's men on film sets or vulgarly flaunting children for media attention and even worst the manipulation of the press when the stories of truth go against her façade or alter ego public face.

Good on you Paris... I don't care be you go to Timbucktoo as long as you’re not taking orphan along the way, shacked up with your co-star you stole from his then wife, fiancé or mistress or whoring kids in the media you're alright with me. Good Luck on your trip Rwanda. And, if you’re also creating a reality show from the journey than god please let be something about the goodness of the people of Rwanda as celebrities using Black Africa as a back drop to disguise their sins or distract the world from the tawdry love lives and scandalous affairs is oh so nauseating. Africa and it "Cradle of Life" people deserves better than that!

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