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Friday, October 19, 2007

Are Angelina Jolie adoptions legal?

Are Angelina Jolie adoptions legal? In a what turned out to be a horrendous public backlash this summer, her attempts to stop the media from asking her questions about her deliberate pursuit of the then married Brad Pitt during interviews as if she of all people had not well earned and been deserving of such questioning in the first place interviewers were barred from and I quote interviewing her “in a manner that is disparaging, demeaning or derogatory to Miss Jolie." She was instantly accused and slammed for her attempts to "legalize" lying in the media and to the world.

Now, the bigger question is what else is she lying about? Ms. Jolie's confirmed facts especially regarding her children she could not stop herself whatsoever from running to the press five later about when she managed to lure BRAD Pitt into daddy-hood with orphans and the infamously alleged biological child.

This is a child alleged to be biological even though she did at the time of the birth finally admit publicly to sleeping with at least one other man. The gullible Brad Pitt actually liking to convince himself that child's his, but hum.... is that the REAL story! Or are they just avoiding paying back the millions the deception sold for before he had anytime to issue a paternity test. After all, Angelina still owes 6.5 million to the Cambodian Charity used ill used to launch her infamous do gooding at the time of the FBI investigation into her adoption of Maddox and the adoption agent who assisted her.

Angelina in the below link about her father's heartbreak is stated for having blasted her own father and would be grandfather to her children for blurting out during an awards dinner that his daughter and then husband the stolen from Laura Dern Billy Bob Thornton had just adopted a child. Now years later Angelina flaunts that child as if it’s Brad Pitt like it was going out of fashion as well as her up to the minute media coverage of her adoptions of the other exploited children involved.

My question is if that incident occurred as according to the date of the news story in 2002 and Ms. Jolie alleges to have adopted the child at the age of six months then why oh why is it now alleged that her and Brad's son Maddox is SEVEN years ago attending school in NYC. If the child was six months old at the time of hers and Billy Bob's adoption of the child in March 2002 and alleged to have been born in August 2001 then why is this child now seven and not SIX years old. IS THE CHILD AN ILLEGAL ALIEN OR WHAT?

The discrepancies are not so very shocking if you also are aware of the adoption agent who assisted Ms. Jolie with the adoption also herself ending up under FBI investigation which lead to her being found guilty of illegally helping Americans by way of falsified birth certificates and adoption paper bring the Cambodian adopted through her then Hawaiian adoption agency into the United State were they then were nationalized as American citizens with the full rights of all other America citizens.

This unlawful practice appeared to very much the normal by that adoption agent as especially in incidents where the child were not actually orphaned at all but either voluntarily handed over by the biological parents or possibly even sold to sustain their lives in such poverty many suffered through everyday in the third world country.

The adoption of Angelina's African child immediate after was at the heart of even more adoption controversy when the biological child who was alleged by Ms. Jolie to have been victim of a rape and died due to aids was said to be in fact alive and well. She was so well that she gave an interview to News of the World and was featured with her mother the would be grandmother to the child Ms. Jolie rushed Brad Pitt back to Africa to obtain months after he made the journey himself and independently of Ms. Jolie. Of course, the African women were silenced by Ms. Jolie's people and even slammed as liars by Ms. Jolie herself. This the face of Ms. Jolie's adoptions just like her personal life riddled with lies, scandal, and deceptions.

She then has the nerve to pull this one out on media interviewers, "In the event, Interviewer does ask Ms. Jolie any questions regarding her personal relationships, Ms. Jolie will have the right to immediately terminate the interview and leave," the agreement stated. "The interview may only be used to promote the Picture. In no event may Interviewer or Media Outlet be entitled to run all or any portion of the interview in connection with any other story."

Is Brad knowingly assisting the illegal attainment of child from third world countries? The two of them should be STOPPED!

The most recent adoption was no less than the others amidst a world of controversy and elitism treatment. The grounds for the adoption involved Ms. Jolie's payment for the sum of $2,000,000 dollars to the orphanage or adoption service charity. The child was essentially bought on the open market as it were... then flaunted just in time for the publicity machine aka film releases as both had summer releases 2007. Total bombs at the box office, but summer release none the less.

Angelina ultimately ran off with the child Maddox when her own name came up in the FBI investigation to the United Kingdom. Only returning to use the very same child and gamut of other children for her big pursuit of the formerly widely respected Mr. Pitt who no one ever really wanted to believe would run off with the likes of the man-eater and home wrecker Ms. Jolie.

Eh! Everyone got their fall from grace I guess... even Mr. Pitt

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