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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jon Voight: Heartbroken Over Angelina, James

My heart goes out to the esteemed and honorable Jon Voight over the matter of his malicious daughter who also saw it fit to turning even his son whom she inappropriately and publicly displayed such horrendous and tactless behavior with against him. aka The sucking face all over Hollywood’s red carpet events with her brother. Even in as recent as just before her Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-starring declaring herself on the stage of an awards show madly in love with her brother. Not long after a tearful Voight made public pleas for his obviously disturbed daughter to get mental health help.

It looks like the mental health help could be still very much in demand. Who would ever be a man around such a situation as to also assist with the keeping of grandchildren from their Grandfather as is the saddest aspect to this very tragic situation. But, obvious no back bone Mr. Pitt has no problem with the sad state of affairs he has gotten himself into with Mr. Voights' disgraceful and shamed daughter even to the extent of denying him access to the alleged biological child… Tragic indeed!

My well wishes are with you Mr. Voight as well as my gratitude for your tremendous contribution to the world of cinematic film making goes without saying. Thank you for your decades of excellence and integrity in all that you do on screen and off.

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