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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The 2007 Tokyo Motor Show

The 2007 Tokyo Motor Show showcased some of the hottest concept cars of the year. Mazda's futuristic concept car and "flow" design philosophy is named Taiki and is one of five concept cars revealed. The name comes for the uses the Japanese word for atmosphere. The streamline like features and multiple design elements have created a car worthy of some if not all of the buzz it is currently generating. The front wheels are very large with a turbine spoke design thus playing up to its wind concept driven design. The 2-seater car also features a glass canopy, fast rake and a teardrop fastback shape. This design concept is accredited to the belief that it will help to reduce that dreaded aerodynamic drag.

Design by Japanese Kohinoor who used decorative "climbing carp streamers" or kites as the basis for their inspiration for the air-tube shapes found in the vehicle's cockpit. Taiki's interior consists of the dash, seats and door trim created with the sensation of flowing wind in mind. Within this car of the future body’s is a front-engine, rear-drive chassis powered by Mazda's Renesis rotary engine making it more than a spectacular vehicle for future concept contender.

The future RX crossover concept is here. The sleek and transformed Lexus LF-Xh concept offering a V-6 gas-electric powered hybrid system rides on a 112.2-in. wheelbase and measures 189.0 in. While the width is set at 74.6 in. The LF-Xh is definitely a bold step forward for the luxury car maker that has already successfully transition itself into the hybrid car powered system some time ago.

This concept car is much more daring than the current RX boasting of slab sides, sharp character lines and the division's new signature grille and notched C-pillar. Even the high projector-beam headlamps are brazenly designed with their placement at the grille and curve into the front fenders. Although, critics appear to not be entirely convinced by the sleek concept look, they are noting the proportions and look are similar to those of the current Ford Edge or Lincoln MKX.

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