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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Thursday, December 6, 2007


The-Golden-Compass, with a release date set for December 7, 2007, is finding that its release is not without controversy. Already film boycott cries are being made by anti-haters of Christ who believe the film's subject matter has pinned the Catholic church as the evil villain. The adverse opinion to the film is that it is on some level attempting to spread a message of atheism to children. Therefore, crossing a greater line by targeting children through what should be a straight forward child's fable. The rating of the adventure film is PG-13 as it has several sequences of fantasy violence.

The film is a stellar cast including Nicole Kidman, Dakota Blue Richards, Eva Green, Daniel Craig, Derek Jacobi, and Ben Walker (II) and is directed by Chris Weitz. The story based on 12-year-old Lyra an orphan who lives in a parallel world, where human souls take the form of animal companions called daemons will surely cause uproar of some sort this weekend at the box office. We will have to wait and see what actual moviegoers make of the fantasy adventure story once the weekend box office takings are in on Sunday. Apparently the following are being billed as the three good reasons to go and see the film... hum.

1. It's a unique take on the fantasy genre: no old wizards in pointy hats, but loads of talking, fighting, shape-shifting animals.

2. Dakota Blue Richards beat out more than 10,000 other girls for the role of Lyra. Clearly, the kid's got something.

3. Casino Royale stars Daniel Craig and Eva Green reunite, but this time he's an aristocratic explorer and she's a witch.

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