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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Top 10 Gadgets of 2007

It has been a great year for tech since… well last year. This year saw some of best innovations in phone and gadgetry there ever was. This top ten gadget list has been compiled by the Apparently, the list selections were tougher to come up with for all the obvious reason and include the likes of the Amazon Kindle described by blogger Christopher Null as a potentially "game-changing device" that gives the sleepy e-book market a swift, much-needed kick in the pants which priced at $399 is does not come cheaply, the much anticipated at its release onto the market just a few months ago Apple iPhone with its top notch mobile Web browser for starters has become the unmatched cell phone handset, and Pioneer "Kuro" Plasma HDTVs available in 720p and 1080p versions depending on the size and model which has fast made it the top of the plasma experience line.

Other favorite gadgets to make the list are Asus Eee for its two-pound, paperback-sized laptop that runs Linux like a dream and Ibiza Rhapsody because of its impressive ability to sync with your Rhapsody music account over Wi-F, find and update your podcasts, and even surfs the web. Intel Classmate PC the only "One Laptop Per Child" device to run XP, and Nokia N95 phone considered second in its class only to the iPhone proved very impressive indeed. Shure SE530 earphones price at $450 making them the priciest earphones on the market and TiVo HD considered the best of the best DVR welcomed the arrive of the TiVo HD in August, and Vudu the not so perfect TV set-top box but is the closest you will get to the Netflix-in-a-box round out this top ten list.

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