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Monday, December 3, 2007

Julia Roberts lashes out at over-ambitious paparazzi

Julia Roberts should not be the only one in Hollywood fed up with the outrageously dangers of chasing paparazzi. The world continues to hear these stories yet observes actress who actual seek out the media attention through their children make the vicious cycle of paparazzi and intrusive media for publication a gamut for dangers not just to the children involved but to the non related children around or in the vicinity of these celebrity children.

It is inconsiderate to say the least to have "normal" aka non celebrity children inflicted upon by the chase and game of catching that oh so lucrative or illusive photograph for profit. The media is not only to blame, but the unscrupulous practices of publicists who seek out the paparazzi for media attention to their clients so called relationship with defunct actress or vice versa desperate for attention actress using her children to manipulate the media or use as evidence of so called relationship. Either way, the Hollywood industry continues to emerge as the one place in the world where the exploitation of children appears to run rampant in the face of all "normal" citizens having to adhere to laws that do not condone the exploitation of children or human life no matter what.

Julia Roberts is seen in video letting the paparazzi know her rage and concerns for her children’s safety while other actresses go onto tell the media and I quote” I NOT SAYING TO NOT TAKE PHOTOS... JUST SAYING USE A LONG LENS." What is that exactly in the face of her kids still being plastered from here to Timbuktu on every cover there is while actresses like Catherine Zeta Jones and Julia Roberts, and Cate Blanchett just to name a few have never had the SAD behavioral inclination to media flaunting their children ever. They have been just the opposite, but instead shielding their children and continued to be of the utmost fierce protectiveness over their children’s privacy at all cost.

While wildly tailing two videographers then flagging them down in Malibu might not be the best measure for change or conducive of an outcome satisfactory to all sides in order to put an end to the vicious pursuit carried out by paparazzi the accountability still rests on the shoulders of magazine and newspaper editors and the publicists of the celebrities themselves. I for one never really like to hear the woes of celebrity paparazzi hounding scenarios as it does go with the territory. However, the line MUST be drawn in the sand when children and the safety of other children in the vicinity are involved.

The industry should step up now, take the necessary guideline themselves, and set the tone for the practices of the paparazzi themselves. Mere lecturing paparazzi will do nothing when those same paparazzi photographers go to the agents and editors to sell their photographs and have a buyer every time no matter what. Children being photographed or featured in magazines or newspapers should only occur with the written consent of the parents. The Hollywood industry can not honestly say that children too rather than just the adult celebrities are apart and parcel of the beast of the business.

Come on, give us all a break. Who really wants to see photographs of children who are photographed under duress or dangerous pursuits putting them or other young children around them in danger or harms way? In cases of schools venues and school runs there should be a professional courtesy through out the industry that outright refuses payment of celebrity children photos taken within 100 feet of a school, schoolyard or privately owned playground. Refusal of payment for photographs when there are no signed written agreements provided directly from the parents of the celebrity children in question before publication can be ever considered is paramount.

Adult celebrity photographs maybe that of a free for all when it comes to the pursuit of them by paparazzi, but when it comes to the children involved have some decency and show greater personal responsibility. Demand the accountability of all involved from the agents, publicists, editors, to the photographers. Such pursuit of celebrity photographs would never be necessary if there were not the over saturated celebrity publications market feeding the beast of media frenzy and paying the paparazzi for the photographic and video verification of that media frenzy.

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