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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Most Expensive Dining Experience in the US

New York restaurant Masa takes top position as the most expensive dining experience in the United States as according to the newly compiled Forbes list. The restaurant located at the Time Warner Center will empty your pockets by meals end as much as $1000 comfortably. The norm is that you can expect a $400 a person policy if you had to budget in advance this is good to know lets say for the 30-course Omakase menu. However, that doesn't include tax, tip or one of their ultimate sakes just in case you were wondering. According to the most recent Zagat Survey of America's Top Restaurants, New York City hands down takes front lead as the most costly U.S. city in which to dine out, with an average tab of $39.46. Zagat's national average is $33.29. New Orleans ($26.18) and Austin ($25.30) are voted the least expensive cities. Of course, U.S. restaurants cost roughly half the price in comparison to cities such as London ($79.46), Paris ($74.24) and Tokyo ($69.58).

Restaurant critic for The Seattle Times, Nancy Leson for her husband’s birthday dined at the number three most expensive restaurant on the list called Canlis, Seattle. She said of the dining ultimate experience she foot the bill for herself, “it was worth every penny of it.” Canlis is the city's most expensive a la carte restaurant around. A meal at Canlis is more exquisite in comparison as the restaurant that has been in existence for nearly 60 years ago. It is also accredited for defining if not “birthing” Pacific Northwest cuisine. Meals there will set you back approximately $75 a person. This is approximated without adding the great Willamette Valley wine to the order. The survey found surprisingly that some of the most expensive restaurants also happen to be the some of the oldest restaurant established. Restaurants like Canlis or Antoine's in New Orleans first opened their doors an astounding 160 years ago.

Other most expensive restaurants to make the list included for their luxury laid back atmosphere are Joel Robuchon at the Mansion in Las Vegas, The French Laundry and The French Room at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas. At Masa and Urasawa, wearing comfortable clothing is advisable as meals tend to span over several hours. So, diners who are willing and able to afford anyone of the restaurants on this list enjoy. For the rest of us be prepared to pay premium prices for praiseworthy ingredients. According to the Zagat Survey, 55% of diners polled said they'd happily pay more for a meal that was, in fact, sustainable and/or organic.

Top Five Priciest Restaurants
Masa, New York City
Alinea, Chicago
Canlis, Seattle
Joel Robuchon at the Mansion, Las Vegas
Urasawa, Los Angeles

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