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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Saturday, December 1, 2007


Terror has stuck close to home for Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton when a disturbed man entered the headquarters with a bomb like devise strapped to his chest. He was observed entering into a Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign office yesterday in New Hampshire before he took approximately four hostages. Numerous police officers arrived on the scene of the Clinton HQ location in the town of Rochester, NH, to confer an end to the crisis.

His demands to speak Clinton ended almost six horrifying hours later with his voluntary surrender. At about 6:15 p.m. the man known as Leeland Eisenberg, 46, of Somersworth, NH, came forward with his hands up in the air. The terrifying confrontation was captured on national TV as police sought the release of several young Clinton staff volunteers held by a man known locally for his history of mental instability. Eisenberg is expected to face state kidnapping and reckless conduct charges and may face federal charges as well, police said.

Go team Clinton for 2008

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