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Friday, December 7, 2007

The Top 10 Intelligent Designs (or Creation Myths)

Like the Golden Compass another controversial and challenging theory to the foundation of both philosophies and Christian belief manifested itself in the form of the "intelligent design" theory. This theory did not stop at the mere controversy causing effect when it was introduced as curriculum in some school districts. The outrage continued to mount especially over the belief that the "intelligent design" was nothing more than a philosophy suggesting logical sequences found in nature were hardly random happenings or surprising mutations, but instead controlled and manifested by a greater omniscient being and omnipresent intelligence with a definite plan also known as God. The theory of God obviously is not the curriculum approved teachings allowed within any school district as the scientific based theory of evolution is the only widely accepted explanation to all things mysteriously transformed over the centuries.

This in spite of the Constitution itself which references “GOD,” but also chose to include the separation of church and state to avoid the government level religious based sanctioned which without might have led to persecutions of thousands as seen throughout Europe during the 16th century. Thus, the choice to leave God out of the political foundation of the great democracy was born in order to achieve an even greater Republic. Still, today the presidential debates of 2008 are dogged with the notions of religion vs. man or rather Presidential candidate. Governor Mitt Romney of Moron religion dominates the topics for measurable suitability for which the debate on whether man must also separate his faith from his ability to serve office in order to appear to be the man of the people is being raised daily.

While scientific based research surpasses the days of mere Charles Darwin and the concept of "natural selection", the idea continues to be as controversial now as it was back in 1859 when it was first published. Be it scientifically explained or speculatively embrace belief on how the Earth and the solar system were formed, we as people continue to change and evolve along with our own beliefs on the theory of evolution itself. To take a look at some the Top 10 Intelligent Designs (or Creation Myths) that helped define civilizations both past and present as presented by LiveScience click the link above.

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