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Spotlight on Jennifer Aniston
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Friday, December 21, 2007

Brad Pitt and The Hypocrisy Of It ALL

Brad Pitt has been going large in his public campaign for funding his New Orleans Make It Right project since not receiving a Golden Globe nod for neither his Jess James flick nor himself as lead actor. He confirms boastfully that thousands have pledged funding to his New Orleans project and millions have been raised. People make as much as $1 million New Orleans pledges and pay them.

So, what is Angelina Joile’s excuse for not paying her financial pledges to the Cambodian Vision in Development Charity and its director Mounh Sarath of which she has defrauded them some $6.5 million to date. How is that possible that Brad sat around and let this woman get away with not paying that money a whole year after her negation of funding and questionable motives humanitarian was exposed and then goes on TV asking people for money for his project instead with a smile?

Angelina's tragic excuses for not paying have been a many. Including, that of how she thought the Cambodian project would not work so therefore gets away with not paying the signed agreement pledges made. This is in spite of the fact that she went to them and not the other way around offering to pledge financially. Instead, of actual payment she went onto exploit them for publicity before having gullible Brad to use.

Ironically, this sudden revelation of hers of the project allegedly not working came after several years of exploiting the poor Cambodian country’s charity in the media then being well behind in her payment schedule comprised of a five year payment plan to pay $1.5 million and a separate payment plan also over five years to pay $5 million. In the several years that that agreement stood in place before her unfortunate negation of funding she paid as little as just over half a million dollars.

Hum… So, nor Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie has come forward to pay off her debt to Director Sarath of CVD and her charity agreement named after her son Maddox, because Angelina can change her mind about NOT paying the money she pledged. However, as according to them the African MOTHER can not change her mind about wanting her African child back… Why?

I am so confuse as these celebrities vulgarly flaunted themselves everywhere and somehow are allowed to change their mind, but POOR black Africa woman can NOT change her mind and take back the child she gave birth to from her body herself.… Are Angelina and Brad exhibiting elitism nonsense or what!!!!!

What arrogance? They should give Zahara back to her mother if Angelina is allowed to change her mind over paying Sarath then surely a rape victim mother can change her mind about the child she bore from her FLESH and BLOOD! Hollywood home-wrecker signed legal agreements to pay pledged money then said she thought the project Cambodian project would not work and the raped African mother’s mother thought her raped daughter would not be able to keep the child, but the Africa child's biological mother came forward wanting her child back.

So, who should be allowed to get away with changing this mind, REALLY? The Hollywood celebrities or the poor black African’s. Excalibur-one sends Christmas wishes to the African family of Zahara.

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